Take action now and get some new input for your voice or for your work with voices!

Ideal for choir leaders, music teachers, (choir) singers and preschool teachers



Take action now and get some “new input” for your voice or for your work with voices!

My warm-up modules are suitable for people who want new and stimulating ideas for their voice or for their work with voices.


My "WARM-UP" workshop is ideal for...

  • Choir leaders

  • Preschool teachers

  • Music teachers

  • Interested (choir) singers


Body, voice and movement

My warm-up exercise is holistic in that “your body is the instrument!”

A well-structured warm-up performs a large number of functions, such as the following:

  • Warm up the voice

  • Prepare the body to be an instrument

  • Create a link from body/voice with movements on the inside and outside

  • Practise listening to each other

  • Develop group identity

  • Boost concentration on the common task

“Creative warm-ups” packaged in playful and goal-oriented motifs are designed to show you new ways of discerning your voice and perceiving your body.
These short chants or “stimmicals” can be interspersed in choir practices and often increase motivation for the hard work which needs to be done in your rehearsals.


My warm-ups are not just suitable for choirs but also for groups of students at the start of a lesson!

The warm-ups can also act as a shared point of departure at the beginning of a lesson.

They can be used to meet the following aims for example:

  • To train the voice and provide a sustainable base on which to build

  • To facilitate the delivery of a song

  • To inspire the desire and courage to make music

  • To focus the concentration of children, adolescents and young adults in school on a specific task


Dr. Markus Detterbeck

I will show you “how” at one of my next workshops in exercises “developed by professionals for professionals”.

I am already looking forward to it.


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