Why the quality of your singing also benefits from your movement!



Why does the quality of singing benefit from movement?

This is just as applicable to a choir on a big stage as it is to a group of musicians in a classroom.

Think of an example you may have experienced!
A choir enhances its stage performance at an event with bodily movements and facial expressions. The singers click their fingers here and clap their hands there and simply sway in time with the tunes in their repertoire… and kindle a spark of emotion in the audience.

I will show you how to boost the quality of the performance of your choir as perceived by the audience.
Because “movements amplify the expressive power of voices, especially if they are inspired by your musical material!”


What you can expect to take away from my “CHOIR IN MOTION” workshop:

  • How to stimulate movement in a choir (your choir) in order to amplify the expressive force of the individual voices
  • How to take a hands-on approach when bringing movement and emotion into choral arrangements
  • How choreographic interpretations can illustrate the structure of a song or a composition
  • How to perform a song on stage with small movements, steps or sequences


I will also give you many practical tips on these subjects:

Warm-up, integration of motivational phases, rudimentary principles of musical and choreographic arrangements and move and groove

Dr. Markus Detterbeck

I will show you all this, extending to more complex stage presentations.
True to the motto "developed by professionals for professionals!"
I look forward to having the pleasure of welcoming you in person soon.


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