Sound, groove, beat, ... – this is what singing in a pop choir is all about!




Sound, groove, beat – this is what singing in a pop choir is all about

  • How can I find the right sound for a certain song?

  • How can I get a really funky groove going in my choir?

  • Why is the beat so important?

We will explore these three questions in our Pop Choir workshop and I will show you how you can look great and create a powerful sound.
Your audience will be getting in the groove with you!


How to harmonise your pop choir so that all the members form one coherent whole

The key is to focus on specific style aspects which are typical of the pop choir genre, such as phrasing, groove, vocal percussion, timing, articulation and tone, without neglecting stage presence and presentation.


The workshop features many pop choir tips in answer to questions like the following:

  • How do I adjust my posture to make singing easier?

  • What expression do I need to adopt for a song to have greater impact?


Didactic input:

  • We will explore a number of specific features of the pop choir genre based on pop and rock choral pieces which are selected by me or which you are also welcome to select.

  • In parallel, we will also work together on the aspects of "movement" and "choreography".



Dr. Markus Detterbeck

My workshop guarantee for you

I guarantee that you will have great fun and success in learning/preparing your own groovy choir arrangements.

And now? Let’s get grooving…


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